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The Uncertainty Model™

Having determined that the easiest way to understand a business is from a human point of view, I advise clients to see their business as a catalyst for reducing the client’s struggle to achieve a specific outcome.

In its simplest expression, struggles are one dimensional. However, on a more personal level, we experience the world on three levels which correspond to three types of uncertainties:

  • Physical
  • Intellectual
  • Emotional
By reducing the uncertainties surrounding someone’s life, the company – essentially – frees the customer. Customers in reply will be grateful and share the experience with their communities.

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The ROKC™ Method

Businesses are valued by their community because they reduce customer struggles with uncertain outcomes. Small businesses do this for limited numbers of customers. Large businesses reduce uncertainty for large numbers. The difference between the two is property; what I call the “Key Component”.

The Key Component is a legally recognized asset owned and/or controlled by the company that is used in the products customers seek out to reduce their struggle. From this perspective, competitive advantages is resolutely customer-centric.

A business survives when it generates a Return On Key Component that exceeds the cost of capital, thereby creating a profit that can be distributed to stakeholders and/or reinvested for the future.

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Maximum ROKC™ Processes

Once we have determined these two points in space, the Uncertainty and the Key Component, we must connect the connect the two with processes that maximize the Return On Key Component so as to satisfy all the stakeholders involved in creating this value. Broadly speaking, to maximize the ROKC, the Processes are:

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-Production
  • Pre-selling
  • Selling
  • Post-selling

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ROKC™ Leadership

A leader is an individual with a sufficiently developed view of the world they inhabit that they can use it to develop a vision of how it can be made more certain for its members. By communicating this vision to the community, some members may be inspired to cooperate and collaborate to make it a reality, and do.

With regard to business, too often priority is given to doing and not enough to leading. By learning and applying the Uncertainty Model ™, the ROKC ™ Method, and understanding The Processes which link the two, the leader will be more effectively and efficiently satisfy stakeholder expectations.

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Alessandro’s method to identify the asset that will be the competitive advantage that separates the company from its competitors was critical for KairoStar. It is key to concentrate the efforts on what will make our company successful.

Christian Baudry

…[Alessandro] has helped me to understand myself and to define my business model, more than any of the… coaches I have worked with… [His] approach that is proven to be effective, to bring out the best in his clients and their businesses… I’ve come further in one month, than I had in many years of pursuit.

Mel Ebenstein

…, Alessandro can easily pinpoint issues and solutions not readily seen by most consultants. In only three meetings, he has provided invaluable clarity, solution and direction … Ask him any issues you may have regarding your business and he is sure to give you an ingenious, no nonsense answer with a slap of reality… I’ve definitely learned a lot about business and leadership from him that I cannot learn in school, books or immediate experience.

Monika Ortega

I went to Alessandro for strategic guidance for a business start-up. Within five minutes of our second meeting, Alessandro suggested a brilliant strategy for my business. Alessandro has a rare combination of razor sharp business intelligence, warmth and humor. He has a direct, no-nonsense explorative approach connecting you to what is important in your life to the calling of your work.

Vincene Collura

Alessandro has been invaluable at helping me to focus on the future strategy for our company,… He is great at asking the questions that help executives come up with answers to their unique situations and to help them focus on priorities. His base of experience and extensive study and analysis of other business models gives him a broad understanding that applies to myriad business situations and possibilities.

Bonnie Leedy

With only 3 meetings Alessandro provided me with great insights into my business. I was incredibly impressed in Alessandro’s ability to empathize. He asked the right questions to get a good view of my business. As a result, I was able to make important changes to my business and improve the overall results. I fully recommend him as advisor or mentor.

Robin Smeets

Alessandro is exceptional at helping you get crystal clear about what you offer, to whom and why. By pushing me out of my comfort zone in his uniquely no nonsense yet patient and understanding way, I’ve been able to see where I’ve been getting in my own way and to move forward with the tools he’s taught me. Thank you, Alessandro!

Lauren Sinreich

After months of reflection, I am more grateful today for time spent under the direction of Alessandro than I could ever imagine…It was on our fifth [session] that [I learned] the value of truly knowing what I offer my community and myself… Thank you, Alessandro, for your warm and direct approach. I am grateful…

Rachel Henry

Thank you Alessandro for allowing me to explore my key component; the why, how and what I bring to my business and my clients. Your ROKC Method is very efficient in helping me differentiate my services from those of my competitors. I highly recommend your services. Thanks again.

Annie Pritchard

Alessandro is as stubborn as a mule and as sharp as a tack. If you need leadership coaching, you’ll learn a great deal from Alessandro.

Adam Fairhead

Over the time, I realized how much I learned from Alessandro. I use his Return On Key Component approach every day with all sorts of clients. He is one of the most valuable teachers in my life! I recommend Alessandro to any business leader who wants to comprehend their businesses from a strategic point of view. Also, as a lecturer and mentor he’s just great. Thanks, Alessandro!

Peter Bartos

Alessandro’s prudent approach has changed my perception of doing business. I believe his theory would prove vital & practical in my future endeavours. He has been a great mentor & an outstanding advisor.

Ankit Sharma

Alessandro was able to quickly assess the main points of a complex situation in the sale of my business. I was astonished by how in a very short amount of time he could X-Ray these unique parameters, and explain to me clearly what I could…expect, as well as how to structure the sale. I reached an agreement with a buyer within 2 weeks… I credit him 100%…

Bibi Farber

I started my business making Artisan Energy Bars just 14 months ago. Mr. Daliana was very insightful and a good listener. He was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses in just a few sessions to guide me toward a more successful future. I reflect almost every day on the many topics we discussed and how to overcome obstacles and identify what is really important. Thank you Alessandro!

Judy Goodman

Working with Alessandro has been a great help for my business. We definitely found a great solutions to some of my major questions. Alessandro took me on a different path to the conclusion which allowed me to see some different aspects of my business in a new light.

Matt Forrest

… While I originally went to [Alessandro] to better understand my business concept, implementing his approach identified other areas that I needed to work on first… He’s an amazing guy, and a straight shooter…, he cares about his clients… He isn’t a textbook theorist; he has the corporate and life experience to prove his methods work…

Andrew Mathieson-Blakely

Alessandro brings a wealth of business knowledge with the unique talent to communicate his thoughts in a simple and refreshing manner. He has added a dimension to my understanding of business concepts and principals that has truly made me a better leader. I would recommend Alessandro and his talents to anyone looking to be more effective at their current tasks.

Elliott Finkelstein

Alessandro has been great as a mentor with his unique style that kept me close to my own truth. He has been instrumental in discovering my own strengths which can be the most important value proposition in any business I create. I like the balance he creates between being a peer and a powerful mentor. I recommend him to any business owner who wants to grow and overcome barriers.

Ozlem Brooke Erol

We are impressed with the Alessandro for his clarity and knowledge of…how you make profits not only today but even in the future. [He] gets involved, asks pointed questions, comes out with the answers and expects you to be equally involved… What impressed us the most was the command on finance, operations and strategic issues for continuous returns on Key Components…

Anil Kumar Gupta

Alessandro’s guidance…is most beneficial at this stage of our growth. He assisted in bringing to our attention what is working for us and especially what is not working. With that information, we are able to make informed choices on our next steps…

David Mikelberg

Alessandro has depth of experience to chart you through the difficult situations you come across in work and life… Alessandro keeps challenging your decisions and assumptions in a very subtle but firm mode that you revisit your approaches and long held beliefs…

Dennis Kuriakose

…, he provides a no-nonsense plan for the executive and follows up with them throughout this process. …The principles outlined in the book can be applied not only to organizational improvement but also towards personal career growth.

Nicholas Lall

Alessandro brings passion, insight, and a deep understanding of business analysis to his advisory work. He is a committed professional who constantly seeks new ways add value to his clients.

Benjamin Berg

Alessandro has a unique view of business…that is refreshingly simple to understand and implement.

Anne Marie Klaus

Alessandro is an experienced, knowledgeable professional. His insight into different aspects of business growth makes him a man of value. I have no hesitations recommending [him].

Steve Maranz

Alessandro is a very detailed person, a wealth of information, bringing vision and insight to your [business]. Once given the plan, his approach is as if it’s his own. He nurtures your ideas, and carefully works with you through to completion

Jeff Hodges

Are you a business leader? Read this.

"Nearly 66% of CEOs do not receive coaching or leadership advice from outside consultants or coaches, while 100% of them stated that they are receptive to making changes based on feedback. Nearly 80% of directors said that their CEO is receptive to coaching." - Stanford University & The Miles Group, 2013

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