3 States of Being… Yourself


For a while now, articles about self-awareness keep coming across my screen: Everyone needs to be self-aware in order to improve their life. And, this is true. The better you know who you are the easier it is to adapt to the world. However, most of the techniques proffered require time and discipline; something most people just don’t allow themselves. My take on the subject is – I think – more practical and provides faster results.

Without going into the whys and wherefores, the human being exists in 3 states:

  1. Physical Being; this is your physical and physiological self. This part of yourself is the most basic animal part of who you are. It eats, drinks, pees and poos, reproduces, uses the five senses, and so on.
  2. Intellectual Being; this is the thinking and reasoning self. This part of your self (or just “You”), is responsible for abstraction, creativity, calculation, reasoning and such.
  3. Emotional Being; everything you feel deep down inside you, in your heart.

I have met so many people who let their emotions dominate their lives; they are raw. Likewise, I have met – and, am considered to be – people whose bodies exist to just carry around their heads (thanks Rory Sutherland) because they deal with the world from an entirely intellectual point of view. And lastly, I even know of people who go to work with fear in their gut (that’s just nuts, if you ask me). I’m sure you can all see in your mind’s eye people just like these; people dominated by just one state of being. When you live your life out of balance it is often the result of finding refuge in that state of being. It protects you from the world. However, it also keeps you from knowing your true self.

Any self-aware person will be aligned with all 3 states of being. In other words, all 3 “yous” have to been given equal weight. Try it, you’ll like it!

Live your life paying attention to all 3 states of being to find your true self.