Alessandro’s Biography

Alessandro Daliana

Almost immediately out of business school, the companies Alessandro worked for identified in him leadership abilities they didn’t discern in his peers. Four years out of school, he was awarded with the chairmanship and CEO role of a $100 million company. A failing company, at that. After two years under Alessandro’s leadership, the company was back on track.

Subsequent opportunities saw Alessandro occupy senior executive, C-level and board member positions with some of the world’s leading companies. By age 39, he was CFO of a $4 billion multinational he had been instrumental in growing from half that size.

Having effectively done “everything you can possibly do with a company”, Alessandro left the world of big business.

The ensuing years would be dedicated to consulting and entrepreneurship: launching several startups and working with many budding entrepreneurs. It is through this work that Alessandro realized almost everyone he came into contact with trusted his advice. Much like in the big multinational corporations he started his career in. This realization inspired Alessandro to start coaching business leaders to understand business the way he does, so they too, could achieve success similar to what he had experienced. Today, ROKC Executive Coaching teaches business owners, executives, and board members – business leaders – this analytical framework.

If you are interested in learning more about this framework please read the articles available on this website and/or buy the book ROKC, Leadership built on the Return On Key Component. However, if you are prepared to make the commitment of being coached by Alessandro please reach out to him using the link below.

Alessandro also supports the business community by speaking at companies and universities. If you are interested in having him address your community, please contact him using the link below.

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