A Very Basic View of Economics

I'm not an economist or anyone with a plethora of degrees but I am an observer, and have been for ...
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How Good is Your Word? Integrity, Anyone!

I have to admit I am a big believer in words and their meaning, all sorts of meanings in fact, ...
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Handy screen shot 2015-08-02 at 3.02.33 pm

Independent Contractor vs. Employee : Handy

I just read an excellent article, This home-cleaning service shows everything that startups do horribly wrong by ALISON GRISWOLD of Slate, republished on ...
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Business Success

Lead A Successful Business

As just about any expert - in any subject area - will tell you, do the basics well and you ...
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Cooperation and collaboration

What is More Important: Transactions or Relationships?

In its very basic expression, business involves a transaction between a willing seller and a willing buyer. This is, of ...
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DBV Technologies Viaskin Transdermal Patch

Case study: DBV Technologies

A few days ago, a friend of mine from another biotech company pointed out DBV Technologies (ticker: DBVT). It was ...
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Leading a Customer-Centric Business

Leadership has changed over the decades in substance but not in form. To be clear, leaders still have to identify ...
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Business Solutions Take Uncertainty Out of Specific Tasks

Once again, the truth comes out of the mouths of babes. Well, maybe not exactly babes but fourth graders; my ...
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Strategy Execution Done Right w/ MBMR

Effective leadership occurs when the community as a whole successfully executes a strategy. Large, complex, organizations have the resources to ...
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The One Person Business

So many entrepreneurs and small business owners seek out my business guidance to help them be successful that it might ...
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Productive Teams is Child’s Play

Recently, I had my nieces over for a sleepover and a couple with a daughter of the same age for ...
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Why Inclusiveness?

"Inclusiveness", "inclusivity", "included",...and the like seem to the catch-word of the last few weeks. Without really knowing why, I can ...
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