Business Solutions Take Uncertainty Out of Specific Tasks


Once again, the truth comes out of the mouths of babes. Well, maybe not exactly babes but fourth graders; my truly bright twin nieces. Below you will find an article they wrote after seeing how popular a previous post based on their play was with my community. You can read the previous post here: Productive Teams is Child’s Play.

From my point of view, what is important to see in their writing below is that even at a very young age we are taught to use whatever resources are available to us to make certain tasks easier. Or, as I like to say, less uncertain. This is a fundamental approach to business that every business leader should always keep in mind when running their enterprise: the products and/or service they provide to customers must make doing a specific task less uncertain in order for customers to value it.

Please take the time to read how my nieces quite simply explain:

Why Horses Are Important to Humans

                    Horses have been very important to humans for a very long time.  Humans use and have used horses in many ways.  People also love horses for many reasons, like their beauty, and strength.  There are many more reasons for this, for example:

                    Horses were like tractors for farmers for centuries!  On farms, horses pulled plows.  They also helped pull wagons of goods, animals, and supplies.  In return, the farmers fed, cleaned, cared, etc. for the horses.

                    Horses also helped cowboys.  They herded cattle with the cowboys.  Horses also provided transportation for bringing cowboys and cattle to towns.  When a calf, bull, or cow got loose, the cowboys and their horses would chase and try to catch it.  When there was a stream, the horses would pull the cowboys across it because many people couldn’t swim.  Cowboys like to use Quarter Horses (a breed of horse) best because they are fast, can stop short, and can make sharp turns.

                   In the Middle Ages, large and strong Friesians (breed of horse) were used as battle horses.  They could carry knights in shining armor and their own shining armor.  People in the Middle Ages also used horses to pull heavy loads of things.  They also used horses because they could work in large noisy crowds.

                  Horses in Egypt were used as pack animals.  The Bedouins used these horses.  The breeds were Arabians and Barbs.  The Bedouins gave their horses camel’s milk to drink and dates to eat in the dry desert.

                  The Chinese also used horses.  They were the first people in the world to put an actual saddle on a horse.  The Chinese decorated the saddles with bells and ribbons.  People played drums on the horses.  In wars, the Chinese used horses as transportation and war animals.

                Horses pull carriages everywhere!  Big ones, small ones, short ones, tall ones.  You name it they pull it. It’s their job.  People also ride horses.  For pleasure and for work. 

                Horses worked and still work for humans around the globe.  They worked for farmers.  They also worked for cowboys in the Wild West.  They worked for people in the Middle Ages too.  The Bedouins had horses in Egypt.  The Chinese were the first to put a saddle on a horse.  Every country, except Antartica, uses horses now!  Horses made a BIG difference in life.

                -Lara & Pia      (Two, 4th graders)