ROKC Case Studies

Budgeting/Fighting for Your Gross Margin (Slides)

Link to webinar video: ...
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Pain Relief

Competitive Advantage

Almost every day, somewhere in the world, for the last few decades, people have been discussing "competitive advantage" specifically with ...
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A Very Basic View of Economics

I'm not an economist or anyone with a plethora of degrees but I am an observer, and have been for ...
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Independent Contractor vs. Employee : Handy

I just read an excellent article, This home-cleaning service shows everything that startups do horribly wrong by ALISON GRISWOLD of Slate, republished on ...
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DBV Technologies Viaskin Transdermal Patch

Case study: DBV Technologies

A few days ago, a friend of mine from another biotech company pointed out DBV Technologies (ticker: DBVT). It was ...
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Strategy Execution Done Right w/ MBMR

Effective leadership occurs when the community as a whole successfully executes a strategy. Large, complex, organizations have the resources to ...
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The One Person Business

So many entrepreneurs and small business owners seek out my business guidance to help them be successful that it might ...
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To Lead, Remember to Breathe

What do you do, have done all your life, that people are constantly asking you to do? This is the ...
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Photo: Sarah Hamilton/Lebeast Photography

What Do You Bring To The Party?

Almost every day, at least once a day, I find myself asking my clients the same question: “What do you ...
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How AirBnB’s Key Component Evolved Over Time

I recently had the pleasure of reading a case study of AirBnB entitled "AirBnB: The Growth Story You Didn't Know" ...
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ROKC’in Normal Earbuds

Recently, a startup launched near me with a very interesting business model: 3D printed personalized earbuds. The company is called ...
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Letters to a Young Peter

Hello, As I am reading through your thoughts I am trying to apply your terminology onto my perception. I failed ...
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