ROKC is Hard to Understand


Ok. I am trying to understand where my assumptions are faulty:

I understand why Key Component is Trade Mark and not Brand. Without mark “Coca Cola” it would be hard to penetrate market with Dasani water. Also its not Marketing as I said but Marketing creates Brand and therefore Trademark.

Second, it’s asset is Trademark. But manufacturing machinery as well? Maybe distribution chain etc… every beginning accountant would say that and this must correspond with ROCK method right?

I could say that there are many processes in Coca Cola Company such as brand management or manufacturing of drinks that turns assets into product (can customer’s brand identification be considered for product???


But we focus on Key Component and that is Trademark.

The second issue and somewhat fishy I would say:

“In other words, people who drink coke feel that their risk of not being American, patriotic,… is reduced by drinking Coke.”

Why are we talking about “reducing customer’s risk”? Why not “satisfying customer needs?” or maybe “providing customer value” or perhaps “delivery customer solution”? Your term resembles negative emotions like fear, anxiety, doubt… Do you go to market because you feel for buying something¬†nice for you or because you are afraid of starve to death if you don’t do your grocery today? Or you drink Coca Cola because you might not feel American enough??? I also have strong sense for feel to be European but I have no problem to prefer nice shot of Tequila to Absolut Vodka ( I think it’s from Sweden owned by French).

I utterly fail to understand purpose of such terminology.

Third question:

I don’t recall describing “market specifics” term according to ROCK in your book any further. Probably it’s there but is there is something¬†“special” I should understand about this term? Given an example: people demand on regular basis, prefer cheaper product but demand quality/exclusivity (brand), drink with favorite junk food etc. Simply “what are the characteristics of the market or how does the market behave”?

Or am I mixing up tomatoes with potatoes again?

My confidence is starting to decline….