ROKC’in Ideas


So many “wannapreneurs” approach us with ideas that we decided to dedicate a special article to them. If you have a business idea this article is for you!

First, let’s start by stating that ideas are not property and therefore do even enter into the ROKC™ Methodology. The law does not protect ideas; only property. No Non-disclosure Agreement will protect your idea so no sense asking for one. Ideas are a dime a dozen until they can actually generate value.

Second, we hate to see you go away empty handed because that’s just not our style and you may be a future client so we want you to have a good experience. Therefore, our recommendation to you is to apply the “3 Step Test”.

  1. Do you use the product or service you have in mind? How frequently? Depending on the product or service if you don’t use it every day why would anyone else do so.
  2. Would your family, friends, and acquaintances (first degree of separation) acquire the product or service? If so, how much; what conditions; to do what with it; and so on. Don’t just assume they will or won’t. Actually test it.
  3. Are those people who acquired the product or service so satisfied with it that they are telling their community? Are the members of that second degree of separation asking to acquire the product or service? Are you selling it to them? Really?!

This may sound like a harsh test but it works. The logic is very simple. You have to be your first client. Then, your community. And finally, your community’s community. If you can’t create this snowball effect the cost of acquiring clients past the second degree of separation will be very expensive. Too expensive. No third party investor will support such a business unless the top line growth is extraordinary. Consequently, neither should you.