ROKC, Leadership built on the Return On Key Component

ROKC, Leadership built on the Return On Key ComponentFor centuries, businesses have been built on the asset that give them a competitive advantage in their market: raw materials, technology, markets, knowledge and the like. Alessandro calls this prized asset the “Key Component” because without it nothing else is possible. Unfortunately, with all the demands on a business leader’s time, they often forget this foundational reality leading them to pursue avenues that bring low returns.

Through lively examples and practical analysis, Alessandro breaks business down into its component parts showing you how you can structure, organize and manage your business by focusing every decision and everything the company does on the Key Component. By identifying and communicating the Key Component every stakeholder will know where to focus their value producing energies bring them greater satisfaction while maximizing shareholder profitability. However, through use and competition the market effectiveness of the Key Component will diminish with time. By organizing the company around the Key Component there will be increased awareness of when this happens allowing the company to preempt when to switch Key Components.

In fact, over the life of a company the Key Component will start out as being the founder(s) but as demand increases education will become a necessity, then mechanization and industrialization, and finally branding and values/culture. Each new Key Component will come and reinforce those that came before it in an effort to maximize returns.

Because the ROKC ™ Method is asset-based it closely follows the legal definition of property making this methodology very useful in any jurisdiction and when expanding geographically. This approach also works phenomenally well when organizing business combinations, like: acquisitions, mergers, divestures, and joint ventures. And lastly, as a result of the close connection between property and the law the ROKC ™ Method has also proven quite useful in developing legal strategies in court.

A business leader who organizes their company to  maximize its Return On Key Component – the ROKC – will be very successful.

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“I am a business owner and, though I have read a number of business and leadership books, I found the simplicity and comprehensiveness of this model refreshing, insightful, and valuable.” – Barrett, business owner and assistant professor

“… very thought provoking and helpful … helped to get down to the detail and think more about what we were aiming towards.” – Natasha, Consulltant

“… definitely think that the author has knowledge. I like the thought process behind it … the model is solid…very helpful for business people out there … the model is robust and it makes you think.” – Sonal, Accor

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