The Laundry Challenge


We do an exercise with our clients to analyze – along with them – the limitations of their business reasoning. This short exercise is so effective we want to share it with you so you can perform a self assessment. Enjoy. It is supposed to be fun.

You are given a bundle of freshly washed clothes, a length of rope and clothespins, and asked to dry the laundry. What do you do?

That’s it. Nothing more. What do you do? How do you hang up the laundry and get it dry?

Metaphorically speaking this is a business problem. You have a client (the person asking you to dry the laundry), the activity you are engaging in brings them a benefit (dry laundry), you are given all the tools you need to get the job done (you have the means of production) and if you do this efficiently enough many other people may ask you to do the same thus allowing you to make a business out of it.

All the elements are there for a potentially successful business. It is now up to you to demonstrate how you approach the problem and make it into a business.

Give it a try.