The Means Of Your Ambitions


Recently, I was struck by a confluence of four events:

  1. The number of coaching clients who clearly saw the advantages of changing the direction of their business but couldn’t,
  2. A discussion with a client from a major Pharmaceutical company about aspirational goals,
  3. My own memories of working with executives that expressed the need for the company to change orientation but wouldn’t provide the resources to do so, and
  4. While building a new ROKC website to allow you to collaboratively develop your own strategies in a closed or open group, I reread the chapter on leadership.

All these events are important because as effective as any methodology can be it will only work if you have the means to act as a result of it. In other words, you have to have the means to achieve your ambitions.

In our view, leaders challenge us to see our world in a different way and to act according to this new paradigm. Through the ROKC method, we challenge leaders to see their world in a different way and to act accordingly. However, even after the leaders we work with develop those insights that allow them, and their businesses, to perform better they shirk away for an actual implementation.

A true, authentic, leader has the courage to follow through with the insights they acquire and act upon them not only for their own benefit but for the benefit of their community. The risk of not doing so is a loss of credibility in the eyes of that community followed by a fall from grace.

Are you really a leader?