The musical key component


Today, MocaMedia’s Gwen Alston and I discussed her presentation at Berklee School of Music in Valencia, Spain, to more fully answer a participant’s question about the key component in music. In music, like all the arts, the content creator’s particular style is their key component. Glenn Gould, Tracy Chapman, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Madonna, Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars,…all have their own particular stylistic expression which marks their work.

A couple of years ago, I walked into a club on the upper west-side to hear Shaynee Rainbolt sing. As soon I walked in I heard a familiar voice but it took me a couple of seconds to put a face on it. Then, I realized it my friend Pamela Luss whom I had the pleasure of listening to when she was singing down on the Bowery. A sweeter voice is hard to come by.

An artist’s key component is subtle, yet very distinct, and they use it to make a connection with their audience.

What is your key component? Mine is identifying yours and helping you to build a successful business on it.