The Nomadic Leader, a great concept


Bravo! Bravissimo!!

I can’t believe there is someone on this Earth that fully understands the life I have lived with such depth. I never even heard of this term “Nomadic Leader/Elite”. Thank you so very much. I’m sure we could have long and interesting conversations over days, months and years about this subject because I have lived it for 20 years. Lived everything you describe.

Let me put my enthusiasm aside for a minute and try to add something to the discussion.

The fundamental disconnect comes from the power structure of the society you are exercising you leadership skills in. If I use France as an example – not because you are at INSEAD but because I held leadership positions there – there is a very political/economic elite made up of graduates from the top schools (most notably, ENA/ENSPTT and other administrative and engineering schools) and later on in life supported by the Catholic Church, which if you are not a part of – no matter how good you are at what you do – will keep you on the outside for your entire professional life. In this case, the power structure is such that leadership can only be maintained through associations with those above instead of those below. In all communities, those in power – the status quo player – will not give up or share their privileges without a fight.

For the “Nomadic Leader” the ability to maintain a leadership position is – as you state – conditioned upon their ability to commit, or lose that nomadic quality, by integrating the status quo. A very, very challenging and difficult prospect when the nomad’s flexibility and acceptance of the dominant cultural paradigm is not met with a similar permeability on the other side. On the contrary, the other side is often defined by a homogeneity of thought akin to “group-think” that requires powers of influence and persuasion that go beyond those of the best lawyers – argument formulators – in the land. In my experience, it is this very ability that makes the Nomadic Leader a threat to the entrenched elite making it a necessity for them to reject the him/her. Thus, the quality of nomad is perpetuated for the individual.

I could go on and on about this subject but should stop here lest I bore the reader. Anyone who is interested in engaging with me on this subject will be welcome. You can find me on LinkedIn… and Twitter

Thanks Gianpiero and Sarah for giving me a great start to the new year. Link to article