The One Person Business


So many entrepreneurs and small business owners seek out my business guidance to help them be successful that it might be beneficial for me to post an article detailing my approach. Admittedly, for those of you read me regularly, this may sound familiar as it is a summary of what I have written in the past. Let’s get to it.

As far as I can see, all our belief systems – old and new – are road maps instructing us to be who are are. Contemporary thought leaders have tapped into this fundamental truth by coining such terms as being “authentic”, “mindful”, “why”, “What is your motivator?”, “Follow your passion”, or – my favorite – “ROKC”. Therefore, it is fair to say that your business success – like your success in life – is wholly a consequence of your ability to be who you are: to be the best you possible.

Even if you read all the biographies and auto-biographies in the world about wildly successful leaders you will come away with the same understanding. These people are not heroes but they are unforgivingly themselves. Whether they are perceived as good or bad, holy or devilish, they are their rock solid selves.

So, I say, there must be something to this being yourself stuff. And that is what I tell each and every person who comes to me for guidance: Be yourself.

I’m sure you are thinking to yourself, “Yes, this is more easily said than done.” And, you are right. It is very challenging. However, I do have techniques that help and after so many years of doing this I know they work. But I have explained them in other articles so you will just have to go read them on your own as I will not go over them again here.

Once you are able to tap into “who you be” you can truly understand what it is that truly matters to you. What matters to you is what ultimately drives what you do in life. It feeds into the exercise of your free will influencing the choices you make and the degree of happiness you experience in life. It is this fundamental truth that you bring to bear on the community you serve.

Some people keep this way of being for themselves, others share it their families, and still others can leverage it into a business. In the latter case, as business, your community is asking for the benefit of who you are because it reduces their uncertainty about achieving a given task. This can be monetized as a representation of the value your way of being brings to others. However, as one of my clients once stated to me, it does require you to “expose” yourself to the world and that can be scary. But if you want to be happy and make money doing it you will have to overcome that fear. Believe me, it is worth it.

So once you have tapped into your core and made it available to your community, and you are successful, you will want to scale your business. You want your business to work for you, not you for it. Here, too, I can help.

Up to now, you have been working on instinct. Whatever it is that you do, it comes as second nature to you. Your thought process requires 2 nanoseconds. This is your fast mind at work. Which is fine. Except if you want to scale. In order to scale, you have to slow your mind down and observe how you go about reasoning through the process. Note it down. Continue doing this down until you have detailed out the methodology by which you provide that value that is so sought after by your community. Write a manual, copyright it and publish it so it is now protected. This is your first asset derivative and is yours to keep for as long as your copyright can be enforced. You can sell it. You can train others to do what you do and serve more customers. You can give talks. … You get the idea. You can trademark some term and derive another asset.

Let me recap for a second here.

  1. You figured out who you are and what truly matters to you.
  2. You have verified this as true because you can see how it influences and has influenced the exercise of your free will.
  3. You have further verified this as your truth because the emotional connection you have with it makes you happy, or sad.
  4. You express your truth by using it in way that brings a benefit to your community.
  5. Your community asks for – no demands – this benefit because it makes their life less uncertain in some way.
  6. You have monetized it.
  7. You have observed your thought process and detailed it in a methodology.
  8. You wrote a manual or book expressing your methodology
  9. You have a copyright to the manual or book and, maybe, a trademark to some term.
  10. You can now pursue a happy and successful life because who you are aligned with yourself and are valued by your community.

This is the short and long of it. I refer to it as self-leadership. You have to be able to lead yourself because you can lead others. It requires awareness and discipline but those are within reach of all of us. So go ahead and challenge yourself to be who you are.