The ROKC Method

Budgeting/Fighting for Your Gross Margin (Slides)

Link to webinar video: ...
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What’s Wrong With My Business

So many people get in touch with me to find out what is wrong their business, why it won't grow, ...
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Telecom towers

Don’t Grow Your Business by Going After Every Opportunity

You, like many business leaders, may be growing your business by going after any and every opportunity that comes your way ...
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How To Split Equity In Your Startup?

It seems like not a day goes by without someone posting somewhere on the Internet a question asking how to ...
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Cooperation and collaboration

What is More Important: Transactions or Relationships?

In its very basic expression, business involves a transaction between a willing seller and a willing buyer. This is, of ...
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Better to Adapt than Change

When I was in college when I had the good fortune to meet a well respected Time magazine journalist who ...
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Don’t Hide Behind Titles And Names. Show Yourself!

At ROKC ™, we focus on strategic leadership as it applies to the business as well as to the business's ...
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John Locke

Locke & ROKC

One of the ROKC Method's strengths is identifying the asset/property that underpins the business. Often, we find that business leaders ...
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ROKCing Brainstorming Sessions

This is our response to the article "Critique is Not the Enemy", by Professor Alf Rehn, August 7, 2014, on the International ...
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Are You Your Key Component?

Let's face it, history and philosophy and politics and economics and religion are all intimately intertwined. At ROKC, we focus ...
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It is Really All Quite Simple, ROKC Methodology

Since publishing "ROKC, Leadership built on the Return On Key Component", we have encountered a significant number of business owners, ...
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