The Uncertainty Model

Budgeting/Fighting for Your Gross Margin (Slides)

Link to webinar video: ...
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Is Your Marketing A Gamble?

How many times have you heard or participated in discussions about the effectiveness of marketing dollars? Personally, I can't even ...
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How Solving the Baby Boomer Problem Put Us in This Mess

Frankly, I don't know about you but ever since I was young boy I tried my damnedest to understand the ...
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labyrinth of uncertainty

The Uncertainty Model: Understanding What Business You Are In

Over the last few weeks, I have been working on a presentation of the leadership model I use during my ...
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Value & Price

Value & Pricing: The Great Enigma

One of the most challenging issues for any business is to understand the relationship between value and pricing. On the ...
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Cooperation and collaboration

What is More Important: Transactions or Relationships?

In its very basic expression, business involves a transaction between a willing seller and a willing buyer. This is, of ...
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Business Solutions Take Uncertainty Out of Specific Tasks

Once again, the truth comes out of the mouths of babes. Well, maybe not exactly babes but fourth graders; my ...
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Stop Thinking ONLY About Fulfilling Needs

An organization I follow on Twitter recently tweeted an Entrepreneur Magazine article from February of last year entitled How do I ...
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Better to Adapt than Change

When I was in college when I had the good fortune to meet a well respected Time magazine journalist who ...
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Who Has Your Back?

Think about this question and you will see how very important it is to our sense of well-being. Truly, very ...
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Gratitude-based Marketing

Since the mid-1900s, most of the world has been involved in what is commonly referred to as "The Industrial Revolution" ...
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Competitive Advantage

The term "competitive advantage" gets bandied about quite a bit in business literature, meetings as well as among any number ...
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