Who Has Your Back?


Think about this question and you will see how very important it is to our sense of well-being. Truly, very important. To illustrate what I mean, let’s take a typical day. No, not even a whole day because that would take too much time. Let’s take a small fraction of a day.

At the start of the day most of us depend on our alarm clock going off. In order for that happen we depend on the clock manufacturer having made a clock that works, at least up to that morning. We also depend on others who live with us not having changed the time or the alarm setting. We depend on there not having been a power outage on the electrical grid or the battery conking out. As you can see, this one act depends on so many people near and far having our back.

Interestingly, we all have networks of people we depend on to support us both personally and professionally yet we don’t pay them any mind until things go wrong. We just assume they work and will continue to work until we decide otherwise.

Our personal network extend to family and friends, to acquaintances and colleagues, clients and suppliers, all the way to the leaders of our state. Each individual within our network is expected to fulfill a certain place so we feel secure in our very existence. A tall order indeed.

Then there is our professional network of companies and organizations we hope have our backs. From the toothpaste we brush our teeth with in the morning to the supermarket that carries our favorite breakfast cereal we depend on these economic actors to provide us with healthy and nutritious products. We delegate this responsibility to them and often blindly assume they are living up to this moral contract for in actuality most of us have no idea what those long technical terms on the packaging mean, we just know we like it. We expect these producers to have our back.

We have similar expectations about just about everyone we meet and everything we use, every day of the year. We expect the local restaurant we like to lunch in twice a week to have our back regarding a whole slew of things from good food, having our favorite dish, good service, cleanliness and hygiene, pricing, climate, beverages, and so on and so forth. We want the bus on time, traffic to flow, the sun to shine, our colleagues to be helpful, our boss to not fire us,…. In sum, in our world of modern conveniences we have delegated our sense of well-being to just about everyone on our path. All these actors have our back.

Usually that is, with the exception of ourselves!

Did you have your own back? Did you do anything to ensure your own sense of well-being?

Did you truly have anyone’s back today or did you make excuses for yourself?

Think about it and leave me your thoughts in comments section of this post.